Gravel Road Maintenance and Design

Date and Location

Not currently scheduled.

About the Workshop

Gravel road with farmland on both sides

This workshop helps supervisory personnel and operators better understand the materials, techniques, and equipment needed for maintaining gravel roads, as well as review new techniques and ideas. Slides, videos, and group discussions will help you learn from real-world examples and benefit from the exchange of information with instructors and other attendees.

Topics Covered

  • The latest in gravel road maintenance techniques
  • How to reduce washboarding
  • How to choose good sources of gravel
  • How to shape a gravel road, including a proper crown and shoulder
  • Gravel road and equipment safety
  • Gravel gradation
  • How to control dust
  • How to select the right equipment and cutting edges
  • Fabric stabilization of weak road-base conditions
  • How to develop a road improvement program
  • Gravel road stabilization with Otta Seal or calcium chloride
  • Review of gravel road maintenance equipment
  • Motor grader safety and operation overview

Who Should Attend

Supervisors, operators, and township officials responsible for maintaining gravel roads and anyone interested in gravel road maintenance.

Course Instructor

Jed Rhubee is the public works superintendent for the Cottonwood County Highway Department, where he’s responsible for maintaining a 40-mile route of gravel roads. He joined the county in 2007 after earning a diploma in heavy equipment operations and maintenance from Northwest Iowa Community College.



This workshop is presented by Minnesota LTAP at the Center for Transportation StudiesUniversity of Minnesota. Minnesota LTAP is sponsored by the Minnesota Local Road Research Board (LRRB) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). This course is subsidized through funding from LRRB and FHWA.