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The Truck-Weight Education Program promotes voluntary compliance to reduce damage to public roads and highways from overweight vehicles. The program’s goal is to provide information and explanations to attendees on hauling the greatest legal weight without violating truck-weight laws, making transportation of heavy trucks legal and safe and extending road infrastructure.

The program also addresses issues and concerns from state, county, city, and township transportation authorities regarding truck weight. Information is provided that explains road weight regulations during various times of the year, including the winter load increase and spring load restrictions.

The resources found here may be especially useful to industry haulers, truck manufacturers, equipment suppliers, vendors, scale operators, farm truck owners and operators, local road (city, county, and township) authorities, freight system planners and routers, safety coordinators, driving instructors, new truck dealers, mechanics, truck driving students, and out-of-state companies bound by Minnesota’s legal weight limits.

Program Information

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Program Development

The Truck-Weight Education Program was developed by Greg A. Hayes to help anyone understand the technical criteria of the truck-weight laws in Minnesota. Greg’s career in law enforcement continually focused on truck-weight issues and the need to work with the industry to share the knowledge necessary to get the greatest possible legal weight from various truck configurations. He works with bordering states and provinces on weight-related issues, stays current with all truck-weight laws, and serves on committees to develop new tools such as the Truck-Weight Calculator and the Unified Permitting Process. He currently works with road authorities, enforcement, and industry to gain mutual understanding of the very technical truck-weight laws.

What started as a class to help the trucking industry understand regulations and truck configurations has become a resource to all levels of government, industry, trade associations, and other stakeholders. As truck-weight laws continue to change, so do the options for legal weight distribution, and the program is valued as a trusted resource on this topic for all of Minnesota and beyond.

Course Instructors

Instructors include:

  • Tom J. Nelson, Technical Program Manager and Instructor, 320-828-1809, tom.nelson51@gmail.com
  • Paul Robischon, Instructor/Portable Scale Weighing

If you have taken the training and have statute or configuration questions, please contact tkweight@umn.edu for technical support.


The program is funded by the Minnesota Department of Transportation and administered by the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Minnesota.