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Truck-Weight Education Program: Overview

An overview video of the program, from late 2016.

Roads and Loads: Finding a Balance

(Minnesota Local Road Research Board, 2006)
Roads and Loads: Finding a Balance illustrates what is gained by increasing load limits, and how present laws may not always be fair due to special exemptions. The video also examines the need to look at the economic issues caused by different weight laws. This video supports review of current weight laws and considers allowing additional weight.

How Heavy Is Too Heavy for the Roads of South Dakota

(South Dakota Department of Transportation)
How Heavy Is Too Heavy for the Roads of South Dakota provides a great example of truck-weight issues and damage done as a result of overloading. It shows heavy trucks damaging a highway, and it explains axle spacings and the number of axles used relate to weight carried on vehicles. It also dispels the rumor of driving slower during road restriction does less damage.


Minnesota educational presentation to safeguard public roadways through voluntary vehicle weight compliance.