Image of gravel road

This CTAP workshop instructs participants in the correct methods of gravel road maintenance and provides them with an opportunity to view gravel gradation on material obtained from their areas. It also explains the structure of a gravel road and introduces participants to some of the specialized products and equipment used to maintain gravel roads. The different Mn/DOT classifications for road-building materials, including the new Class 7 for salvaged and recycled aggregate mixtures, will be covered.

Date & Location

This class is available on-demand at your location. To schedule a session, contact Kathleen Schaefer, CTAP instructor, at 651-366-3575 or


Arranged, approximately 3 hours.

Topics Covered

  • Causes of washboarding, rutting, and frost boils
  • Importance of proper drainage
  • Smoothing and reshaping
  • Creating proper crown and shoulder
  • Shoulder maintenance
  • Equipment needs
  • Mn/DOT soils classifications
  • “Good” gravel versus “bad” gravel
  • Options for using recycled products with the gravel

Who Should Attend

Street or road superintendents, supervisors, and roadway maintenance workers responsible for gravel road construction or maintenance.



This workshop is presented by the Minnesota Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) at the Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota. Minnesota LTAP is sponsored by the Minnesota Local Road Research Board (LRRB) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). This course is subsidized through funding from LRRB and FHWA.