2016 Roads Scholars

2016 Roads Scholar Graduates

Congratulations to the 2016 graduates of the Roads Scholar Program! Minnesota LTAP honored 11 grads at a ceremony held May 18, 2017, at the Minnesota Roadway Maintenance Training and Demo Day in Marshall, Minnesota.

Comments from some of the new Roads Scholars:

  • Robert Heagle: "The classes will give me more knowledge during my career. As we work toward always making things more efficient, the classes brought a lot of insight. What I really enjoyed...was the different areas to learn about that all eventually tie right back into all that we do here at MnDOT."
  • Mike Suska: "The LTAP Roads Scholars Program has been a great way to learn technical information from professionals in specific fields related to road maintenance, and then implementing it into our own maintenance department. I will continue to utilize the LTAP program in the future to improve current and future road maintenance practices.
  • Andy Weldon: "This program offers helpful classes in a variety of different aspects related to public works as a whole, and it gives specific information about a topic, which we can apply numerous times throughout the year. It will help me keep up on different changes in technology and specifications moving forward as well as changing techniques that we can use within the City of Savage to provide top-notch service to the public."

2016 Graduates

Erick Oswald

Erick Oswald, City of

Mike Suska

Mike Suska, Nicollet County

Matthew Peters

Matthew Peters, Goodhue

Andy Weldon

Andy Weldon, City of Savage

Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt, City of
Eden Prairie

Michael Wentlandt

Michael Wentlandt, City of

Students who completed their coursework by December 31, 2016, are considered the Class of 2016.

Not pictured: Robert Forpahl, City of Brooklyn Park; Michael Haaland, City of Monticello; David Goergen, City of Edina; Robert Heagle, MnDOT; and Michael Scherber, Hennepin County.