2014 Roads Scholars

2014 Roads Scholar Graduates

The Road Scholars graduation ceremony took place May 13, 2015, at the Minnesota Roadway Maintenance Training and Demo Day in Rosemount, Minnesota. Eight of this year's 9 graduates attended the ceremony, where each received a certificate.

“Hearty congratulations to the new scholars,” said Jim Grothaus, Minnesota LTAP’s director. “They are dedicated to continuing their education and improving their skills. We thank them for all they do to make our roads better.”

“From supervising to performing street maintenance and maintaining gravel roads, the training that was provided will be used daily, and it will also be handed down to the other workers in the departments within the city," said 2014 grad Tony Johnson, with the City of Wabasha.

To become a Roads Scholar, participants must earn eight credits within five years from a combination of required and elective courses. Training options include LTAP workshops, Circuit Training and Assistance Program (CTAP) workshops, and other events. More than 2,600 students are currently enrolled, and 109 participants have graduated since 2005.

2014 Graduates

Douglas Aldrich

Douglas Aldrich, City of

Troy Grossman

Troy Grossman, City of

Tony Johnson

Tony Johnson, City of

Tom Moores

Tom Moores, City of

Todd Schumacher

Todd Schumacher, City of

Pete Shutrop

Pete Shutrop, Scott County

Peter Tholen

Peter Tholen, White Bear

Troy Walsh

Troy Walsh, City of Victoria

Students who completed their coursework by December 31, 2014, are considered the Class of 2014.

Not pictured: Robert Zobel III, St. Louis County