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Here's a list of select resources compiled by Minnesota LTAP.

Infiltration Basins: Standards and Procedures to Ensure Performance
Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2018
This Transportation Research Synthesis presents the relevant practices of other state agencies for the planning, design and construction of infiltration basins along with guidance from national, nongovernmental and international organizations. It also includes the results of a survey of state department of transportation (DOT) professionals.

Stormwater Treatment: Assessment and Maintenance Manual
University of Minnesota and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, March 2010
An online manual to help users assess the performance of and schedule maintenance for stormwater treatment practices. It is intended as a supplement to the Minnesota Stormwater Manual, which provides guidance for the design and installation of stormwater treatment practices.

Street Sweeping State of the Practice Reports
Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District, June 2005
The reports are the information base for the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District to advance efforts to improve water quality within its jurisdiction boundaries. In addition, the reports serve as an education tool.

Resource for Implementing a Street Sweeping Best Practice (3.06 MB PDF)
Minnesota Department of Transportation, 2008
This resource was developed to assist agencies in implementing a street sweeping best practice. The Technical Advisory Panel decided these best practices are most useful for application in the State of Minnesota. These information sheets are designed to provide technical staff, policy and decision makers with guidance on a number of topics.


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