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Here's a list of select resources compiled by Minnesota LTAP.

Addressing Citizen Requests for Traffic Safety Concerns (PDF)
LRRB, 2017
A new LRRB guidebook provides local agency staff with a best practice approach to addressing common citizen requests for traffic safety concerns (e.g., signing and pavement markings).

Local Road Safety Videos and Brochures for Local Elected Officials and Local Agency Practitioners
FHWA Office of Safety, 2015

Complete Streets from Policy to Project: The Planning and Implementation of Complete Streets at Multiple Scales

Safety Edge Resources
A collection of resources on the Safety Edge, a beveled or sloped pavement edge that replaces vertical pavement-edge drop-offs with a 30-degree slope during the paving process.

Minnesota ITS Pilot Safety Program
The Minnesota Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Pilot Safety Program was established in 2008 to help local transportation agencies fund ITS consulting assistance and thus overcome the barriers to implementing ITS technologies. These fact sheets describe the first two projects completed under the program.

Minnesota's Best Practices and Policies for Safety Strategies on Highways and Local Roads (PDF)
LRRB, MnDOT, LTAP, CH2MHill, 2011
This handbook aims to reduce the number of severe crashes on the state’s highway system by helping agencies design, operate, and maintain their systems of roads and highways. A spinoff from the ongoing County Road Safety Plan efforts, this resource contains traffic safety strategies, sample policies and best practices information to support agencies as they implement their own policies.

Minnesota's Strategic Highway Safety Plan
Annual plan that describes how Minnesota will use the federal funding supplied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration/U.S. Department of Transportation under the State and Community Highway Safety Program. The plan also includes descriptions of related state and other federal programs conducted by the OTS.

AASHTO's Strategic Highway Safety Plan
NCHRP-funded website containing the Strategic Plan, a self-assessment tool for state DOT's, Lifelines newsletter, and implementation guides for specific highway safety initiatives.

Implementing the High Risk Rural Roads Program
Federal Highway Administration, FHWA-SA-10-021, 2010
The High Risk Rural Roads Program (HRRRP) was established through the Highway Safety Improvement Program for construction and operational improvements on high risk rural roads. This report highlights common challenges to the HRRRP, lessons learned, and noteworthy practices shared by states.


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