Spring 2013 Vol. 21, No. 2

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Achieving long-life asphalt pavements
“Some public and private pavement owners would be happy if the performance life of their overlayed pavements was 5 years,” said Jon Epps, associate director of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, at this year’s TERRA Pavement Conference. “New long-life pavements should be expected to last 40 or 50 years.” In a presentation on how to achieve long-life asphalt pavements, Epps discussed design, construction, rehabilitation and maintenance, and other issues.

Building 10-ton roads and relationships with truckers
Rick Kjonaas, MnDOT’s deputy state aid engineer and the 2013 Gerald Rohrbach Distinguished Service Award recipient, shares his thoughts about outreach to the trucking community, the 10-ton road network, and better truck loading and permitting.

Trail Maintenance

Preventive maintenance strategies for trails
Managing and maintaining recreational trails is an ongoing challenge for cities and counties. Three panelists discussed the issue at the annual meeting of the City Engineers Association of Minnesota in January.

Resources for maintaining your trails
The Minnesota Local Road Research Board has helpful materials related to trail maintenance.


Associations announce annual awards
Each year the City Engineers Association of Minnesota and the Minnesota County Engineers Association honor outstanding people and projects.

LRRB Update

OPERA spotlight: greener bituminous pavements
The Lake County Highway Department developed a wear and non-wear bituminous mix to be used on a half-mile segment of Marble-Kane Lake Road in Lake County. The non-wear mixture used 45 percent RAP, and the wear mixture used 40 percent RAP.

New YouTube videos to increase driver safety
The LRRB has produced three YouTube videos to educate the public about speed limits, stop signs, and potholes.

OPERA-funded plow invention used this winter
A mechanical linkage technology developed in part with funding from the Local OPERA Program—the Cushion-Release Push Frame—got some use this winter.

LRRB FY14 research projects
The LRRB approved new research projects at its December meeting.

Information Services

Exchange gets a makeover
In this issue we swap out the old look in place since 2003 with a maroon-and-gold color palette, color photos, and a new typeface.

The Shelf
Recent publications from various sources

TERRA fact sheet: porous asphalt
A new fact sheet provides an overview of this innovative pavement technology, including details from a TERRA-initiated study about the performance of porous asphalt in cold climates.

Truck-weight compliance resources
The Truck-Weight Education Program promotes voluntary compliance to reduce damage to public roads and highways from overweight vehicles.

Training and Education

Work-zone safety online tutorial open for business!
A free online tool is now available from Minnesota LTAP to provide training on the fundamentals of work-zone safety.

Local concrete flatwork specifications and webinar online
An April 16 webinar shared highlights from the Minnesota Concrete Flatwork Specifications guide developed by the Minnesota LRRB and Minnesota LTAP.

Gravel road webinar, online training
Minnesota LTAP is offering a webinar on May 29 from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. about gravel road drainage, maintenance, and design. In addition, Minnesota LTAP offers an online course on Gravel Road Maintenance and Design.